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맥도날드 에이스
(McDonald's Aces (With Cards) by Royal Magic )

(해외배송 가능상품)
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상품명 맥도날드 에이스
(McDonald's Aces (With Cards) by Royal Magic )
원산지 해외 USA
판매가 15,000원

무통장 입금 결제400원 (3%)

휴대폰 결제300원 (2%)

수량 수량증가수량감소
상품간략설명 「 4장의 에이스가 순식간에
한곳으로 모이는 놀라운 카드마술! 」
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맥도날드 에이스
(McDonald's Aces (With Cards) by Royal Magic )
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새롭게 입고된 맥도날드 에이스 입니다!

DVD+기믹카드로 구성된 본 제품은

서로 떨어져 있는 에이스카드 4장이

한순간 같은곳으로 이동하는 놀라운 효과를 가진

카드마술 입니다

오래전부터 많은 마술사들에게 사랑을 받는 카드마술중 하나이며,

어느정도 연습하시면 충분히 멋진 연출 가능한

카드마술 맥도날드 에이스 입니다.

DVD내용에선 다양한 연출방법에 대해 알려드립니다.

기믹카드는 에이스 카드로 제공됩니다

본 제품은 한정수량 입고된 제품으로 특가로 판매합니다.

제품구성 : DVD + 기믹카드 + 바이시클 카드

난이도 : 중급

해법영상 : DVD에서 제공


" If you are big fan of ace assembly plot and looking for a clean version that would fool people, then I would definitely recommended this. " -Patrick Kun, Reviewer

Full Review
The effect is classic. The four aces are removed from the pack and set on the table.

Twelve indifferent cards are also removed, three of them placed on top of each Ace.

 A spectator selects one of the four-card packets, and holds on to it for safekeeping.

Then the magic happens. One by one, the other three Aces visually vanish. As if bearing witness to trick photography,

 your spectators will swear that the Aces are melting away before their eyes!

Of course, when the spectator examines the cards in his possession, he discover that they are none other than the four Aces!

A trick that has stood the test of time, McDonald's Aces has been outlined in great detail on this nearly hour-long DVD.

Professional magician Tomas Medina teaches you every nuance of the trick. Beginners will be able to learn it in minutes,

while serious students will have plenty of intermediate and advanced material to consider and practice.

Included with each copy of this DVD are the specially printed cards required to perform the trick - produced by the US Playing Card Company on Bicycle stock!

Over one dozen vanishes are taught, as well as different methods for getting into and out of McDonald's Aces. Bonus footage gives you even more food for thought and handlings to consider.

A quick survey of this DVD will have you nodding your head in agreement.

 If McDonald's Aces isn't the world's greatest card trick, it runs a close second. Learn it, perform it, and find out for yourself.


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1 만족 네이버 페이 구매자 2018-10-18 7 5점

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